Hello, my name’s Liz. I’m a writer of fiction and a medievalist by training and I love a good biscuit with my morning brew. Recently I’ve been doing some research into medieval bestiaries to help with a new fantasy series I’m working on and this is how the idea for The Biscuit Bestiary started. If you like biscuits and procrastinating this site is for you.

The aim of the project is simple: to catalogue every type of biscuit I come across by providing a description of its main characteristics, cultural history and spiritual significance like a boss bestiarist. As far as I know no-one has attempted such a thing before.

As the project progresses it may be possible to separate different species into families but for now I’m grouping all the entries together under the great golfing umbrella of ‘biscoctum’, biscuits being the true vertebrates of the baking world. From time to time, it may include features of more general interest, but always to do with biscuits or bestiaries or some combination of the two.

Verbum Sapienti…

  1. I use English because the vernacular is hip now and I have just enough Latin not to hang myself. If you’re a Latinist who wants to help with classifications please do get in touch.
  2. If you are planning on quoting any part of this material in academic work, you really must drop me an email. I don’t always have time to reference my sources as thoroughly as I would like but am happy to provide full citations to serious enquirers.
  3. The image of the main header above is from BL Royal 20 B XX.
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